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“ArtBoy Gallery is pleased to invite you to “PIXELS” the first pixel-centric, solo exhibition by super awesome artist Lukas Stobie.

The Tokyo-based Melbourne artist, filmmaker and musician is one of the most prolific artists on the scene and has never been content with being confined to one medium.

He frequently combines these mediums resulting in numerous illustrations, albums, music videos, comics and games. Most notably his pixel art SUPER series, which includes Super Mighty Boosh, Super Game of Thrones and the viral sensation Super Breaking Bad.

PIXELS features work inspired by TV, movies, games, music and that sometimes-fictional place called real-life, all drawn pixel by pixel.
The exhibition includes all of STOBIE’S classic SUPER series, (part Retro Game, part Where’s Wally?,) a playable demo of the game RISING DUSK, and an opening night performance by Ai Robot. “

To prepare for the exhibition starting today I’m doing a ’20 Days of Pixels’ countdown via Studio Stobie with a different pixel related post each day, to coincide with the Opening Night Party on April Friday 29th 6 – 8pm.

Check out the Facebook Event Page here.

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It’s been a busy month at Studio Stobie but despite that progress is still being made on Rising Dusk. And next month will be the first chance for people to try it out. On Sunday November 22nd will be at Design Festa with a 4 level demo, with a chance for participants to get a special postcard. If you’re in Tokyo in November and want something to do on a Sunday come and check us out at Design Festa. We will be at booth B-015.

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This is Dorotabo Field, named after the mud-men in the neglected rice fields. It most likely will be the first level most players will explore after the opening level considering it’s proximity to the opening on the world map.

Here is the first Dorotabo, he comes out right as the sun begins to sink and Dusk rises. Tamako can’t jump over these guys so she needs to wait until they sink back into the mud.

Sometimes they will assist her getting through certain areas though. The sun is now completely set.

The Jizo statue acts as a checkpoint. But that flooded field doesn’t look dangerous… right?

Wrong! Turns out Tamako can’t swim and that water is kind of deep. Luckily the Dorotabo is happy to help. See, they’re not all bad.

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Here’s my latest project. Rising Dusk

What is Rising Dusk?

Rising Dusk is a 2D puzzle-platformer, the protagonist a young girl named Tamako. You take control of Tamako as she journeys deep into the land of the setting sun where the Yokai roam.

Puzzle-platformer? Generic mascot-driven sidescroller this isn’t. Tamako has limited abilities; she can walk, jump, push things and duck. (She also has the ability to astral project, but that’s for another time.) However unlike most platformers collecting everything may not always be the best course of action. The yokai that Tamako encounters have left all sorts of blocks and obstacles that react only to a certain amount of coins. It’s up to the player to figure out what to collect and what to leave through exploration of their environment.

Aside from some additional music production from the other half of Ai Robot(Brett Wright), Rising Dusk is currently being developed solely by myself (Lukas Stobie.) It is expected to be completed in early 2016.

In the meantime as I continue to develop this game I hope you’ll join me on this journey into the world of Rising Dusk.

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Continuing on from the Game of Thrones here’s a pixel map of Westeros that was the basis of the piece I did for the Foxtel Magazine this month.

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Finally here it is… after months of teasing I can finally show you Super Game of Thrones. It features 115 characters including all the main characters from the show and a selection mostly chosen alphabetically.

Check out after the break for a complete list of the characters.


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A new video for the song SXY GRL will be screened at our XMAS XTRAVAGANZA this Friday 12th of December. Details can be found on Facebook.

In the meantime have a GIF preview from the video.