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At AVCON I had one piece of feedback that kept coming up, even from people that hadn’t played the game. It all started with this…


What do you see when you read this logo? I never saw it as anything other than Rising Dusk, but then I designed it so I was never going to read it as anything else. But then whilst playing the game, one person pointed to a Kappa and asked if it was the Rising Duck from the title. After that I heard it again. And again. It seemed the longer the day went on the more people seemed to read the game as Rising Duck as opposed to Rising Dusk.

The logo is my own writing so before I launched the Kickstarter I made sure I went back and changed the last S.


So now the question is did it work? Do you read it first as Dusk or Duck?

The Rising Duck Dusk Kickstarter is now underway. Please go check it out at

It’s been a few days now since AVCON, the team has driven back to Melbourne and now I’m back in Japan after 4 months in Australia. I’m putting the final touches on the Kickstarter campaign which will start on August 1st and run for the entire month.

The response to Rising Dusk was incredible and I’m really excited to get back to working on the game. Each new player was encouraged to first try the Prologue level to learn the game’s main mechanic. Most attendees were able to figure it out pretty quickly, although sometimes a hint was required, usually after 2-3 attempts. However once the game clicked people really got into it. A great deal of people attempted to get every collectable in Warashi Plains, or played all the levels in the demo. Even the hardest level in the demo, Nori Nori Beach, was played to completion most of the time. I received a lot of constructive feedback plus by observing people play I fortunate to figure out what is working, and what is not.

This level is basically the cupcake scene from The Simpsons in game form.

However the top moment of the weekend was having the opportunity to demonstrate the game to a Nintendo representative from the Kyoto HQ.

As I was there to show Rising Dusk I regretfully didn’t get to try every single indie game there, however I’d like to give a shout out to new friends Red Wolf Games (Breaking Bricks) and Team Cherry (Hollow Knight). UPDATE: Forgot to mention Darren from Chaotic Fusion (The Poisoned Pawn).

And some games and developers you should definitely keep an eye out for in the future:
Fireborn (Toybox Games Studios)
Bloodbeard’s Revenge (Hellfire Studios)
Kana Quest (Not Dead Design)
Derailed (Troutmonkey)
Think of the Children (Jammed Up Studios)

Huge thanks to my brother Kasey for driving me over to Adelaide, and helping me set-up the booth.


In mid 2015 I started building a game based on a concept I’d been thinking about for a few years. I borrowed some characters I’d developed for a different project and as I worked on the concept the ideas started to come together. The end result was the original 4 level prototype of Rising Dusk I had at the PIXELS exhibition last year.

After the exhibition I set aside what I’d done and set myself a more solid plan, working out where the game was going to go and how I was going to get there. Now I had a destination and the map there. For the past year I’ve worked on the game, getting the systems in place, designing levels, working out how how the whole puzzle fits together. And finally last month I had a game. I had a product that could be played from start to end. There was an opening level, there was a final boss, there were secrets and hidden collectables. It was rough, filled with placeholder graphics and in need of rigorous playtesting by someone other than myself. But it resembled something more than a collection of ideas.

Now it’s time to see if I can take the game to the next stage. Polish the level design, put together a cohesive visual aesthetic and iron out the bugs. From today I’m repurposing Studio Stobie as a developer blog for Rising Dusk. Next week I’ll put out a trailer. And following that I will launch a crowdfunding campaign along with a playable demo. If all goes to plan I hope to have a shippable game by early next year and finally complete this journey I started over 2 years ago. Once a week I will provide insights into the development of the game, creation of the characters and inspiration for the setting.

If you’ve stumbled onto this blog please follow along, and I hope you will join me on this journey into the Rising Dusk.



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“ArtBoy Gallery is pleased to invite you to “PIXELS” the first pixel-centric, solo exhibition by super awesome artist Lukas Stobie.

The Tokyo-based Melbourne artist, filmmaker and musician is one of the most prolific artists on the scene and has never been content with being confined to one medium.

He frequently combines these mediums resulting in numerous illustrations, albums, music videos, comics and games. Most notably his pixel art SUPER series, which includes Super Mighty Boosh, Super Game of Thrones and the viral sensation Super Breaking Bad.

PIXELS features work inspired by TV, movies, games, music and that sometimes-fictional place called real-life, all drawn pixel by pixel.
The exhibition includes all of STOBIE’S classic SUPER series, (part Retro Game, part Where’s Wally?,) a playable demo of the game RISING DUSK, and an opening night performance by Ai Robot. “

To prepare for the exhibition starting today I’m doing a ’20 Days of Pixels’ countdown via Studio Stobie with a different pixel related post each day, to coincide with the Opening Night Party on April Friday 29th 6 – 8pm.

Check out the Facebook Event Page here.

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Here’s my latest project. Rising Dusk

What is Rising Dusk?

Rising Dusk is a 2D puzzle-platformer, the protagonist a young girl named Tamako. You take control of Tamako as she journeys deep into the land of the setting sun where the Yokai roam.

Puzzle-platformer? Generic mascot-driven sidescroller this isn’t. Tamako has limited abilities; she can walk, jump, push things and duck. (She also has the ability to astral project, but that’s for another time.) However unlike most platformers collecting everything may not always be the best course of action. The yokai that Tamako encounters have left all sorts of blocks and obstacles that react only to a certain amount of coins. It’s up to the player to figure out what to collect and what to leave through exploration of their environment.

Aside from some additional music production from the other half of Ai Robot(Brett Wright), Rising Dusk is currently being developed solely by myself (Lukas Stobie.) It is expected to be completed in early 2016.

In the meantime as I continue to develop this game I hope you’ll join me on this journey into the world of Rising Dusk.