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Rising Dusk: Dorotabo Field

Posted by Stobie on August 19th, 2015 at 12:13 pm

This is Dorotabo Field, named after the mud-men in the neglected rice fields. It most likely will be the first level most players will explore after the opening level considering it’s proximity to the opening on the world map.

Here is the first Dorotabo, he comes out right as the sun begins to sink and Dusk rises. Tamako can’t jump over these guys so she needs to wait until they sink back into the mud.

Sometimes they will assist her getting through certain areas though. The sun is now completely set.

The Jizo statue acts as a checkpoint. But that flooded field doesn’t look dangerous… right?

Wrong! Turns out Tamako can’t swim and that water is kind of deep. Luckily the Dorotabo is happy to help. See, they’re not all bad.