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Rising Dusk Developer Blog: AVCON (Indie Games Room) Wrap-Up

Posted by Stobie on July 27th, 2017 at 6:12 pm

It’s been a few days now since AVCON, the team has driven back to Melbourne and now I’m back in Japan after 4 months in Australia. I’m putting the final touches on the Kickstarter campaign which will start on August 1st and run for the entire month.

The response to Rising Dusk was incredible and I’m really excited to get back to working on the game. Each new player was encouraged to first try the Prologue level to learn the game’s main mechanic. Most attendees were able to figure it out pretty quickly, although sometimes a hint was required, usually after 2-3 attempts. However once the game clicked people really got into it. A great deal of people attempted to get every collectable in Warashi Plains, or played all the levels in the demo. Even the hardest level in the demo, Nori Nori Beach, was played to completion most of the time. I received a lot of constructive feedback plus by observing people play I fortunate to figure out what is working, and what is not.

This level is basically the cupcake scene from The Simpsons in game form.

However the top moment of the weekend was having the opportunity to demonstrate the game to a Nintendo representative from the Kyoto HQ.

As I was there to show Rising Dusk I regretfully didn’t get to try every single indie game there, however I’d like to give a shout out to new friends Red Wolf Games (Breaking Bricks) and Team Cherry (Hollow Knight). UPDATE: Forgot to mention Darren from Chaotic Fusion (The Poisoned Pawn).

And some games and developers you should definitely keep an eye out for in the future:
Fireborn (Toybox Games Studios)
Bloodbeard’s Revenge (Hellfire Studios)
Kana Quest (Not Dead Design)
Derailed (Troutmonkey)
Think of the Children (Jammed Up Studios)

Huge thanks to my brother Kasey for driving me over to Adelaide, and helping me set-up the booth.