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Rising Dusk Developer Blog: Logo

Posted by Stobie on August 4th, 2017 at 12:00 pm

At AVCON I had one piece of feedback that kept coming up, even from people that hadn’t played the game. It all started with this…


What do you see when you read this logo? I never saw it as anything other than Rising Dusk, but then I designed it so I was never going to read it as anything else. But then whilst playing the game, one person pointed to a Kappa and asked if it was the Rising Duck from the title. After that I heard it again. And again. It seemed the longer the day went on the more people seemed to read the game as Rising Duck as opposed to Rising Dusk.

The logo is my own writing so before I launched the Kickstarter I made sure I went back and changed the last S.


So now the question is did it work? Do you read it first as Dusk or Duck?

The Rising Duck Dusk Kickstarter is now underway. Please go check it out at